Spectro Light is marketleader in innovative LED-Lights especially made for horticulture. Based on years of working experience in the field of light and physics, we combine pioneering LED lighting technology with the biological needs of plants in every phase of life. The result: a more efficient cultivation cycle and maximum yield. Our products


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SPECTRO LIGHT IN the spotlight!

The SPECTRO LIGHT company, which has its roots in the Spectro Color company, is created by the technologically innovative thoughts of its creator and founder Tomasz Braczkowski. Many years of experience and work on light physics have allowed us to combine breakthrough technology in the field of LED lighting with the biological needs of plants. Thanks to the research carried out at the State Plant Breeding and Acclimatization Institute and at the HR Gardening Institute in Strzelce, the highest quality of the Spectro Light lamp has been confirmed. The main goal, which was the maximum reproduction of the PAR spectrum was achieved. The results of the work confirmed the quality and effectiveness of the resulting patent. The goal has been achieved! Spectro Light exclusively uses these patented led chips for their lamps. Besides that, the lamps are suitable for the Enec certificate which allows growers to get the EIA subsidies.


Because Spectro Light uses brand new and the most innovative technologies. We import our LED directly from Japan, our coolingsystem from Austria and design & produce the end product in Poland. This makes sure that any and every part of realisation is under our control to garanty the perfect outcome. Only this way can we prove our 5 year warranty!

high quality

To ensure the quality of our products we use only the best materials and knowledge to make our illuminators. We will garanty all of our products are safe, excellent and water resistant and only with these facts do we feel certain to provide them to you.


Through continues development and research we make sure our products are ever changing and innovative. We wont stop at the perfect result because the environment doesn’t either and there is always a different solution for every situation.

environment friendly

The environment is our work space and what better way to preserve and both help it thrive than make technology part of it in the safest way possible. That is why none of our products are harmful to nature and we advance in making it possible for every plant and flower.

efficient & saving

A part of our research and goals is making sure we can get the most out of less to value both our clients and the environment. Our Illuminators will safe you money but also provide the most energy and the greatest growth technology.


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