The Innovative LED illuminators by Spectro Light allow your plants to grow in a short period of time without effecting the final produce of the crop because all products are made of high quality materials and tested in the best institutes. Our products are in continues development and we research all aspects of growth, from the structure of planting to the growth of different plants and the production of full healthy fruits. The Illuminators itself do not need a lot of space but do provide the right amount of light and growth energy for any situation. So wheter you use a 1.5 x 1.5m growbox, a small greenhouse or have a huge greenhoused field of exotic flowers Spectro Light always has the fitting products for you!


  • The full PAR spectrum provides the plant with every need, in all growth phases. This results in high quality, maximum yield and faster growth.
  • Optimal light efficiency gives you 40-50% energy savings.
  • All our products wear the ENEC mark.
  • A warranty of up to 5 years on all our products.
  • Lifetime up to 100,000 hours.
  • Suitable for every cultivation surface.
  • Through a flexible team and continuous development of the latest technologies, we are the leading industry when it comes to innovation.